Telegu movie based on powerful bad people who ruin common life

Covid-19 devastatingly impacted the movie industry. Undoubtedly, people who were working in the industry had to face a challenging period. But, pandemic also showed us the power of Digital media and the Aha Ott platform is the live example of it.

With everybody hooked to streaming online, a few makers and producers are considering taking the OTT road to release their film rather than waiting for theatres to open. OTT platforms might be a road ahead for the movies business. Aha is an online OTT channel where you can watch full movies online. Naandhi is another Telegu release that is streaming on Aha at this moment.

About the film- Naandhi

Surya (Allari Naresh) is a middle-class programming worker who has a happy life with his family and life partner. One fine day, he is unexpectedly captured in the murder of a prominent activist and is condemned for five long years.

This is when an advocate (Varalakshmi Sarathkumar) enters Surya’s life and gets him out of prison. The rest of the story concerns how Surya takes his revenge on the offenders by filing the Section 211 case. The film’s emotions are substantial in the first half, and one can quickly feel connected with Naresh’s pain in the movie.

Naandhi is, without a doubt, probably the best film in Allari Naresh’s career. Naresh is the lord of comedy, yet everybody appreciates it at whatever point he attempts some different serious roles. The prominent entertainer gives probably the best performance of his acting career and is at his best with his enthusiastic upheavals.

He had a troublesome job to depict, and conveying the feelings for such a long time is generally intense; however, Naresh gives an honour winning performance. All the prison scenes where he breaks down will move you.

Coming to the technical part, Naandhi generally has excellent camerawork, whether in the prison or court visuals. The disposition made through the lighting is very impressive. The editing work is terrific, as were the dialogues. The production values are fantastic as the film appears in another light.

Now coming to the direction of Vijay, he has done fantastic work with the film. He didn’t stray from the movie with business components and remained consistent with the feelings. His narration is excellent and quite impressive.

Overall, Naandhi is a dark and fascinating court show with a decent premise. Allari Naresh stuns everybody with his career-best performance and carries the film on his shoulder very well.

Notwithstanding a sluggish second half and a hurried-up climax, this film has noteworthy performances and closures as an alternate watch for everyone who likes serious dramas.

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